Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend results

And they're not great.
Well, my estrogen did go up, BUT it's only at 111. So I had to go up to 250u of follistim. SIGH.
I'm just so wanting to be in the TWW already. Even if it is just one lil follicle. That's all most women need to get pregnant, so bring it on already!
This is going to be more expensive this go around which is not fun. Really sucks that any infertile couple has to shell out this much money & more to get what others can get for free. Too bad we're all not that fortunate.

Going to call the RE's office in a min, leave a message asking when my next appointment is and about getting more follistim. Sigh.... come on little follies. GROOOOOOWWWWW.

Hoping it'll go as my other injection cycle did. On cd15, my estrogen was only 108. Then 2 days later on cd17, it went up to 200something. Then 2 days later, I got to trigger.
So that's 4 more days. Still a while, but beats going at this even longer.

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