Sunday, August 29, 2010


Let me just start off by saying, I don't know if all or any of these are related to me possibly being preggo, BUT I'm going to list everything that I can remember anyway. None of these are going to be in order of when I experienced them b/c honestly, I don't remember.

I think this was caused my the trigger shot b/c it was only very slight and only lasted for a couple of days when I was still picking up the trigger on tests (I think).

Sore Bewbies
The trigger shot made them sore, BUT unlike the other ovulatory injection cycle, this time, they've stayed sore.
Also, if I put too much pressure on certain spots (like when taking a shower), there is a lingering pain that gets worse before better... if that makes any sense.

Changing Nipples
The trigger shot causes my nips to get very sensitive, larger and darker. Didn't realize that they got darker until this cycle.
My nipples started to get better, but have still remained somewhat tender. Not as much but still sensitive. Also, although my left nipple has gone down in size and gotten lighter, my right nip seems to be getting bigger and is really dark. It's also itchy.

I've been having to clear my throat for a little over a week now. It may have nothing to do with any of this, but thought I'd mention it anyway. It almost constantly feels like I have too much phlegm in the back of my throat that needs to get loosened up.

Slightly Tired
Nothing really dramatic as some women seem to get. Except for yesterday (b/c we were out and busy when we got home), I've been wanting to take a nap midday. This has only just started though... I think maybe 4 days ago. Before, my usual naps that I would take every now and then would be an hour, maybe 2. These naps were about 3 hours each, AND I was still tired at my usual bed time and had no problem getting to sleep.

One of the banes of my existance! lol
It started getting bad I think about a week ago? I usually break out around my jawline, but I started to on my cheeks, around my nose and a few around where my glasses rest on my head.

I've been noticing that my hair seems to be falling out more now. It seemed to have gotten better for a while. Still more than normal, but not as bad as it was. Then I noticed a few days ago, during a shower and when I was running my fingers through my hair, that it seemed to be coming out more once again.

Ovarian Twinges
Could still be cysts, who knows. Both of my ovaries have been twinging though. Not on both sides at once. It seems like they take turns. For a while it'll be on my right side, then it'll move to my left.

Sensations in the Uterus
These could easily be explained my intestinal issues. Most of the times I have a hard time distinguishing which is which.
I think it was the day I had my temp dip. I felt 3 pushed in my uterus. Just 3. As if someone were taking their finger and just gently pushing in.
Other than that, I don't think I've felt anything.
Oh also, I had my annual pap this past Weds and when the OBGYN pressed down on my uterus, it was sore.

As you can see from my previous posts I was damn sure AF was going to show up. The spotting only occurred during my bathroom trips (usually a BM) and there never really was a lot of it.
First night it happened, I had a BM and there was some old blood on the tp.
I had to use the bathroom again a little later (thanks metformin *grumbles*), and this time, it had turned to a redder color. It was a really washed out red w/ 3 very tiny clots. About the size of a ball in a ball point pen.
I used the bathroom again later. Not sure if it was a BM or not, and this time, it was orange in color.
Next day, I had 2 incidents of spotting. Again, both with bathroom visits, both orange in color and that's it.
Dunno if this may be implantation spotting or what, but I just hope it doesn't come back.

One of my usual PMS signs is I start feeling very wet down there. I've been getting that a lot today and had a little bit yesterday.

Non-Frequent BMs
The metformin works a number on my digestive system. I'll usually have a BM in the morning, and then another late at night after dinner. It hasn't been as consistant for the past few days. I think there was one day with no BMs, and then the rest is just maybe going once a day.

Clingy Dog
My dog Cid has been wanting to lay with me when I'm laying on the love seat. This NEVER happened before. He likes to stay over on the big couch where there's plenty of room for him. He just started doing this about 3 or 4 days ago. It's not all the time, but enough that it made me wonder.

Hotflashes & Headache
I've been getting hot flashes for a while now. Maybe around a week give or take a day or 2.
Also, I got a headache just the other day that did not want to go away and started to make me feel nauseous.

Weird Dreams
Well one of them wasn't that weird. Not sure if I explained it here? I'll repeat it.
I dreamt that I was in a doc's office getting an ultrasound done. The doc looked at me and said that it was time and that our son was ready to be born. I was supposed to come back later that day to get some shot to induce labor.
We left the hospital or office or wherever and went to Wendy's to get some food. I mentioned how weird the clouds looked to DH. From what I remember, hmm thinking about it, it kinda looked like a uterus. The outline was shaped with white clouds, and inside were stormy dark clouds.
I ordered te 10 piece nugget meal, and DH got some breakfast burritos.

And I had a dream the other night that was a bit more on the strange side. I dreamt that people like the movie psycho Michael Myers had this certain disorder that made them that way. And everyone that did have it had certain ticks. Such as they'd start to sweat uncontrollably and would get raging hardons. If it persisted, they'd go killer psycho.
In the dream, I went to this guy's room. He was an older gentleman taking care of one of the men who was afflicted with this disorder. Well I go in to the room, and this guy has a huge boner. He proceeds to put a condom on and starts whacking it off right in front of me. I'm trying my best not to look, but come on, how can you not? :P lol
Then the dream flashes to me hanging out with that guy from 28 days later..Cillian Murphy. I turn away from him, turn back, and he's sweating uncontrollably and yep, has a hardon. I get scared but do the only thing my dream self can and jump his bones lol.
There was more to the dream than that, but I think by now you've gotten the point very clearly how weird the dream was hehe.

And I think that's it. Maybe.... hmm yeah pretty sure this is it.

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