Sunday, August 29, 2010

Holy Crap!

I think I may have  BFP. I'm scared b/c I'm not sure and it's SO light.
But there is definitely a line on the FRER.
First 2 photos are nontweaked, 2nd 2 are tweaked.

I am scared to death. I want this to be real so bad. I'm just so afraid that it's not. That the lines are nasty evaps or something.
I have one more FRER to use. Trying to hold PP right now. I wanna take it before we go grocery shopping so I can show DH and get more tests. Hopefully a digital to just give a worded confirmation instead of having to rely on just lines.

I'm trying to build up the courage to tell DH. Yes.. courage. I don't like crying in front of people. I don't think it's a weakness or any such nonsense like that, I just don't like doing it.
And I know I'm going to burst in to tears as soon as I tell him.


unaffected said...

I THINK YOU DID IT GIRL!!!! I'm so happy for you! :) :) :) :)

Lori said...

Hi, lurker here. I've been reading about 6 weeks. I see that line on both for sure!!! Good luck!! Baby dust!

pookiedoo87 said...

Yay! That's what my first ones looked like, and a digital confirmed that evening. I think you've got your bfp!

LisaL said...

Thanks ladies :) About to post the 2nd test I took. The line on the 2nd one is much more clear.