Thursday, August 19, 2010

4 days past Trigger

BLEH. I think those early pregnancy tests are the only HPTs I have left. Damnit.
It's not that they're bad tests, but you can clearly see, they don't have maybe the same amount of dye as the other? So even though that OPK is still a blazing positive, the HPT barely has a line on it.
Makes it very difficult to know when the trigger shot is out of my system since the line on these are already so light.


pookiedoo87 said...

the opk is only + if the lines are the same color. The hpt is + if there is any semblance of a line. They don't measure the same thing. Don't know if this helps.

LisaL said...

I know how they both work :D
OPKs will pick up HCG b/c HCG and LH are similiar enough to eachother that OPKs can't tell the difference.
It's why some women try usuing OPKs as HPTs.

Peeonastick lady explains it much better than me

I'm just using the OPKs right now b/c I have them and I'm curious to see how they react :D