Sunday, August 22, 2010

Venting some

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.
I mean I know I've been posting up th pee sticks every day & complaining about my achy ladybits, but that's not much of a post.

I'm at that point in the TWW where things could start getting interesting. Well, not RIGHT away, in a couple of days though.
I'm just so nervous and afraid that this is another failed attempt. It breaks my heart to think that this won't be it once again.

Oh and off topic. I have to complain about my brother and his wife. I swear they piss me off so damn much.
They ALWAYS have financial problems b/c my brother is an idiot and gets himself fired from jobs.
Oh he says that he doesn't know why, blahblahblah, but it's total bullshit.
He's a liar. Plain and simple. He learned it from our father.
He (my brother) thinks we're stupid or something and just always feeds us complete and utter bullshit hoping that we'll buy in to it. And bad thing is, his wife is doing it now as well.
About a month ago, we gave them $700. Yep... $700, so they could pay bills off.
This is money we really don't have or can't afford to just give out and you better be damn sure they're paying every cent of it back.
Fast forward to yesterday, and my brother calls us up, wanting to talk to DH. Apparently they're mooching money off of her family now and got a check in the mail for $250.
Well the check cashing places were already closed, so they called us up. Apparently thinking that we're their fucking personal bank account or something, asking us if we would give them the money and then they would give us the check.
Now that's not the kicker.... his excuse for needing the money right then? Oh... they needed drinks (soda) & snacks. REALLY???
So let me get this straight, you can't wait until fucking Monday to go to a bank and get it cashed b/c you need soda and fucking snacks??
They must really think we're fucking stupid b/c he thought we were going to buy it.

We told him no, and I told him to drink water.
Well later on, I see him on World of Warcraft and he tries to subtly make me feel guilty about not doing what they want by saying that his wife is now pissed at him b/c he didn't try hard enough to convince us.
Yeah I know why she's pissed. It's b/c they're fucking smokers and don't have any cigarettes left and they're cranky from withdrawl.
He then fesses up and says they haven't had cigs in 3 days, but says that's not the reason they wanted the money ASAP. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so gawddamn sick and tired of the lies. I am so gawddamn tired of them TRYING to take advantage of us b/c DH makes a good living for us (and yet we still don't have $$, how does that happen?)
I am just so SICK of them. I am sick and fucking tired of seeing them with new shit! I mean seriously, your electricity is about to get shut off, but wait, lets go out and buy some new NAMEBRAND shoes! Or lets go out and buy those $5 pack of cigs that we smoke in the house, around our childrem. NM that they cough constantly, and always smell like cig smoke.
I love them deeply. My brother and his family, along with just one of my cousins are the only family I'm close to. And it fucking sucks that my brother uses us.
UGH he better keep his new job. He's starting at the end of the month. It can't get here soon enough.
And they better not waste their fucking money like they always fucking do. Pfft, I just said it right there. I should know better..... they will b/c they ALWAYS do it.

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