Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So it's official

My body hates me. It resists losing weight, and it resists ovulating. Oh and don't forget the thyroid being lazy and not working.
Thanks a lot of everything body!!


I had my ultrasound today. Lots of little follicles on both ovaries. Had 1 or 2 10mm ones on the left, but that was it.
RE gave me the option of stopping, or continuing, I said continue. I just can't justify spending all of this time, money and energy when something COULD happen since I'm on a higher dose, and I have been feeling aching.

He said after 4 more days (2 more appointments), we should see if I am going to respond or not. If not, then I'll probably be put on provera or something to get AF. Then next cycle, he'll start me on a much higher dose. About damn time!
Hopefully there won't be a next cycle though.

DH has said it, and I said it to him today, I don't care if I end up with 30 mature follicles, we're fucking going for it!

So that's at least 3 more days of stimming. I really am hoping that with the ovary aches, the sore bewbs, the sloooooow rising estrogen, that I am responding finally, but we'll see.

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unaffected said...

C'mon 30 big ol' follies!!!