Friday, August 6, 2010


I keep having some weird dreams. Like Inception going on or something lol.

First, I dreamt that my father and I went down to Alabama to visit my grandfather. Both of my grandparents are dead on his side, but in the dream, the grandfather wasn't.
Also in the dream, I'm young, maybe 12-13.
So we go down there, we're in the living room, and he tells me to take a photo of my cousin. So I do, and in the photo next to her coming down the hallway is my grandmother who is supposed to be dead in the dream.
I start freaking out b/c I look up and she's still there! So I rush over to her and start bawling about how she's dead, and how much I've missed her.
She tells me that she's still dead, but she came back for a short time b/c I wished it.
Fast forward, I wake up from the dream, in to another dream. And I can't wait to tell someone about it.
In this dream, we're at one of DH's family's homes, but it's one that doesn't exist IRL.
My MiL tells me that she wants to cut my hair, so we go in to a back room where she does it.
It's quick, and she does a good job. As I'm admiring the new cut in a dresser mirror, I see DH's grandfather lying in bed looking frustrated. I apologize b/c I was in his way and head out.
I go to the living room, and there his grandfather is. I start freaking b/c, who the hell was just in his bed?
Anywho, he starts talking to everyone about how excited he is about some job at a restraunt he wants. About how the manager gets angry at the mail employees for checking out the female employees when they're bowed down or something. I dunno it was weird b/c he had on a blue plaid kilt that was only about mid-thigh long. BUT he had amazing skinny woman legs.

I woke up soon after.

My dreams have just been so strange. The other night, I dreamt I was playing a real life kind of MMO. And all of the mobs and NPCs were body modifications people. Mainly the ones who pierce themselves all over and hang from hooks. But their piercings were still fresh so they were all bleeding.

I had another weird one the day before as well, but I can't remember that one.

Anywho...'s gotta be the meds making my dreams a bit more strange lol

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