Tuesday, August 24, 2010

9 days past trigger

Still BFNs. There looked like there was an evappy indenty thing on the early-pregnancy, but still doesn't change that they're BFNs.
Gotta admit, my heart sunk.

I did have an amazing dream right before waking up.
Dreamt that DH and I went to see a doc. I had an ultrasound done, and was told that our son was ready and to come back later to get a shot to induce labor.
We left and headed to Wendy's to grab something to eat. I ordered the 10nugget combo meal, DH ordered some weird breakfast burrito meal (he hates them IRL).
We're sitting at a table outside, I mention how weird the clouds look.
And then I say, that I can't believe we're about to have a baby today.

And that's when I woke up.

My heart skipped a beat just typing all of that out. I want this... I want this. Please... please let this be our month.

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pookiedoo87 said...

Fingers and Toes crossed for you!