Saturday, August 28, 2010

13 days past trigger

Ok lemme explain. I didn't want to use that many tests, BUT I kept opening up their packets just to see that they had huge indents in them. I know indents in the right spots will cause shadows that make it look like a 2nd line is there, so I kept opening some. I finally got tired of tossing the indent ones away so just said F it and used some. Took 3 of them so I could compare.
And the OPK was opened accidently. Wasn't paying attention to which packs I was opening.

Just b/c I took the tests though doesn't mean that I'm not expecting AF. I'm certain the witch will show up later today.
I think this is the same thing that happened last time. Woke up to no spotting, then AF came super quickly later.

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