Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HCG side effects?

Just wanted to post this really quick.
Think I'm having side effects from he HCG. Well, I don't THINK I am, I'm fairly confident I am.

I'm experiencing nausea, sore bewbies/nipples, and weird vivid dreams.
The other night, I dreamt that my SiL (brother's wife), had her kids taken away. And we went to some child protective office to get them back, but they weren't going to give her girls back to her, so we kidnapped them and were trying to get away w/ cops trying to find us.
I know that doesn't sound like a weird dream, but it was VERY vivid and seemed real.

I'm also having hot flashes, and my energy level is non-exsistant. I know that was happening bfore though, but it seems to have gotten worse.

Oh well, I'll happily go through all of this and then some to get my baby :)

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