Monday, August 2, 2010

Photos, measurements, etc

Think this is week 7. Yeah, cause last measurements were on week 5 I think then I skipped and *nod* here it is heh. Doing it early while I still remember.
Don't let the photos fool you, they make it look like I've lost more, look different. I think I'm just breathing in or something lol.

Alrighty, so measurements etc... First number will be from 2 weeks ago, 2nd is today.

Weight- 221, 220

Left Upper Arm- 15, 15
Right Upper Arm- 16, 16.5
Bust- 42, 42.25
Below Bust- 37.5, 38
Belly (above bellybutton)- 41, 41
Waist- 40.5, 40
Hips + Pooch- 47.5, 46
Right Upper Thigh- 22.25, 22.5
Left Upper Thigh- 22.5, 23.25

So as you can see, my measurements are kind of all over the place. Some stayed the same, some increased and a couple decreased. My thighs, I measured a little higher up, so that's probably why the number is higher.

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