Sunday, August 29, 2010

I think it's the real thing

So this is the 2nd FRER (and last one) that I took. I was going to hold out but I just couldn't.
I'm just glad that a 2nd line showed up and that it was easier to see.

I told DH with this test. As soon as I saw the line, I went in to our bedroom. Got the onesie that I was saving to surprise him with, and just totally broke down in to tears.
It took about 10mins for me to contain myself long enough to go out to the living room, sit by him and hand it to him.
I started crying instantly.
He said WTH, then saw the test and asked if I was pregnant.
I said maybe, or I think so or something like that, and he started to cry and then he hugged and held me.

We went grocery shopping shortly after that which is why I didn't post this sooner heh.
THEN we went out and got a some digital tests. It's a box of 2 FRERs. It's not "pregnant" or "not pregnant", but just Yes & No.
Going to wait until tomorrow w/ FMU to take one.

I'm still hesitant to celebrate completely. I think with a digi confirming, it will finally be real to me. Then I'll call up the RE's office and make an appointment for whatever the hell they want to do.

Going to post every symptom or possible symptom that I've experienced.

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Lori said...

Yay! cant wait to see the digi.