Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekend trip

So we're back from our short weekend trip.
It was good and bad.
I did have a good time, up until my headache got worse and my seasickness didn't go away.

We went deep sea fishing. First time I've ever went. I was excited to go b/c I love fishing and wanted to catch something.
I caught a couple of fish, nothing big enough to bring home though.
DH caught himself a shark. It was just a small one, but it was a shark nonetheless lol. We had it fileted and it gave a lot of meat. I hope it's good! First time eating shark :D

But anywho, I got sea sick. Didn't kick in right away. I felt slightly nauseous, but nothing bad, then it crept up on me.
I threw up twice. First time, I felt instantly better afterwards. 2nd time, it stayed with me. I couldn't shake it off so stopped fishing. Boo :( Probably didn't help that I had a HUGE headache & when I get headaches, I get nauseous.
I am just no good in heat. It fries my brain.

As for my injections... worried that I'm not getting the u/s tomorrow. I mean I did have one follicle growing, what if it gets too big? How will they know? Making me wait to come in again when they could've just checked it sooner. Sigh, annoying.

Oh and Dh had to tell his mom about us seeing a fert doc. We he didn't HAVE to tell her, but he didn't want to lie to her.
He tried not telling her, but I guess she persisted so he caved.
Thankfully they really didn't ask anything. Maybe b/c they weren't sure what to ask.
I know as soon as his aunt finds out the news she's going to ask an ass ton and have her own opinion on the matter that we're going to be forced to listen to... as if her opinion matters in this.

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