Sunday, November 27, 2011


We went to a concert last night! YAY!
It was in Augusta which is only about an hour away so we couldn't pass it up.
It was 4 bands; Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, Hollywood Undead, & Avenged Sevenfold.
It was also general admission for the seats, but thankfully we still managed to get some pretty great seats :)
Was just a really great show. Not a huge fan of all of the bands that played, but they all did a fantastic job and sounded amazing.
My ears are still ringing from it :P lol
It was my first real rock concert. Well, I went to a Guns N Roses/Metallica/Faith No More one when I was a lot younger, but I don't count that one.
This one came with mini moshpits on the floor, crowd surfing, head banging and all that good stuff heh.

There were highlights of the night. There were a few kids a couple rows in front of us. Just having a great time. When Black Veil Brides is done with their set, the kids started to do a bowing motion. The singer of the band saw them, pointed to them, smiled and did it back to them. MAN that made their day. Huge smiles, lots of OMGs and lots of texting to friends or family that weren't there heh.

Another highlight, this one is kinda mean but I'm a bitter old bitch and found it funny. DH and I was sitting in our seats. People were still coming in and the concert hadn't started yet. A few teens behind us kept going on and on about how someone could get any girl they wanted and started pointing out "hot" ones on the ground level. They pointed out a couple girls. One had bleach blond hair w/ a rose in it and the other was a brunette. Welp, those 2 girls were groupies, or at least they were trying to be. Saw them go up to the backstage entrance, talk to the security and quickly got DENIED lol. They scurried away after and started texting and talking to eachother. I just found it funny. I'm sure they used every line in the book to get backstage, but NOPE!

Hmm what else... oh one guy that was across the ground from us. I had spotting him when Hollywood Undead was on. He was shirtless and his girlfriend was behind him w/ a sparkly shirt. He was having the time of his life, but the guy had absolutely NO rhythm at all. He kept trying to head bang and wave his hands, clap etc on beat, but yeah, it was futile. I shouldn't make fun, and I'm really not, he was just someone I noticed and well, he just so happened to be rhythmically challenged :P

And finally, this one a not so great memory and I really hope these 2 didn't kill anyone on their way home. There was a couple in front of us, and I swear, they had to have had at LEAST 10 beers each. Now at $10 a pop, they spent a ton of frickin money, but that's not even it... they were totally wasted by the time the concert was over. The girl could barely keep her eyes open and could barely stand up without wobbling all over the place.
If I had seen them when we came out, I would've pointed them out to the police that were standing outside.
Like I said, I really hope they got home safe and didn't hurt themselves or anyone else.

There were a few other memorable moments but I'll spare you heh.

My ovaries started to ache when we were there. Maybe they didn't like being constantly vibrated by the music lol.

Hmm what else.. oh, my temp dropped this morning. We got home late, so obviously I took my temp a bit later. It was accurate though. Worried b/c of what I mentioned before about the possibility of not actually ovulating. But it could just be my normal pattern. 5 dpo I do usually get a dip in my temp so maybe it's just that.
We'll see I guess.


Toni Rapp said...

My 14 year old daughter is a huge fan of BVB and Asking Alexandra. She would be so jealous LOL

LisaL said...

Yeah, BVB seemed to be VERY popular with all of the teens. They were pretty good. She would've loved to have gone there and been on ground level b/c they actually came out and hung out for a bit taking photos and autographing stuff for fans.
As for Asking Alexandria... they were good too, but I'm not a fan of that growling hoarse singing wher you can't understand a single thing being sung.