Thursday, November 10, 2011

So tired!

WTH is wrong with my body. I just don't understand.
I start exercising, which you would think would help wear me out and sleep better, but NOPE! Oh I'm worn out but I sleep worse! WTF? I slept like complete crap last night. Of course my appointment was this morning so I couldn't sleep in either. BLEH!
I did exercise, but it was really short. Only did some weight stuff and that was it. I was not about to get on the eliptical or treadmill. I hate them both when I'm full of energy so I sure as shit didn't want to get on them when I'm lagging.

In other news.... there is def something going on on my right O. I felt it all last night and all this morning. FX for that +opk!!

Oh and lunch is leftover squid from last night.

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Sara & Brannon said...

New follower, but completely on the same boat!

Just want to offer my support to you, and thank you for sharing what you're going through! It's awesome to read things similar to what I'm thinking and feeling, makes me not feel so alone in this fight for fertility!

Just want to share a motto that I repeat to myself about my workouts- "it doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to get done!"

Keep fighting the fight!
- Sara