Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Worried now

Well, a little at least.
Kinda scared that I didn't ovulate w/ the +opk and that it happened this past Sunday.
I wasn't taking OPKs any longer b/c I didn't think I needed to.
Would TOTALLY suck b/c we haven't BD'd any time near then.
I remember at the concert my right ovary started aching. I thought it was just the vibrations from the loud music, but maybe not?
Or I thought it was the corpus luteum cyst.....
And now with my temps super high.... I dunno....

UGH this has me upset b/c I wanted to BD after the concert (b/c of the aching ovary), but then we just went to bed.

Sigh, sucks sucks sucks.

IF I'm not preggo and IF I'm actually 7dpo today, then AF should be arriving Saturday or Sunday.

Symptoms? Meh, nothing much. I couldn't lay on my stomach last night. When I lay on my stomach, I usually favor one side a bit more. I couldn't stay that way b/c it caused my ovary to start aching.
Also I thought I was getting some uterus aches last night as well.
Could totally just be bowel though b/c I ate a TON last night.


Toni Rapp said...

If you did ovulate, it sounds like we are on the same cycle. I am 9dpiui today. I hope you get an early Christmas present with BFP.

Kerrik said...

Sounds like a crappy situation. Sadly, I don't think you will know anything till you give it some more time, and of course the waiting game sucks more than anything.

If the pain continues, it may be a cyst. I had a few of those and they definitely threw me for loop.