Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

For all of those who celebrate it. For those who don't, YAY it's almost the weekend! :D

Everyone has left and it certainly was eventful. NOthing says family get together like a HUGE arguement!

First, the turkey turned out GREAT. Lots of compliments on it even though I totally overcooked it.
That's ok though b/c the brine totally saved it from drying out.
My brine solution was about a cup and a half of regular table salt b/c that's all I had, and around half a cup or more of chicken bouillon. Brine overnight, IMO preferably 24+ hours. I think the chicken bouillon is what makes it taste really good.
Put the bird in on a v rack. Bake at 350 breast side down w/ some white wine or chicken broth in the bottom of the pan. Onion and celery in the turkey. Depending on how large the turkey is, check thigh meat, when it's 180 F, flip the bird and cook another 30-40min to brown skin.

Everything else was good too. Well, most of it was good. Some rice and a potato salad someone brought was a little meh :P hehe

Anywho.... on to the arguement!
So bitchface SiL came over pretty early for once. Everyone was having a good time after we had all eaten, and suddenly DH's uncle is upset and says something about how his hands aren't dirty.
Everyone gets kinda quiet, but nothing else is said so everyone starts talking again. That's when DH's aunt chimes in loudly towards bitchface's dumbass husband about how she's helped to raise SiL, DH and other SiL and how she's an adult and he shouldn't be telling anyone to wash their hands before they touch the baby.... basically.
She basically ripped him a new asshole. She gets up, says she's leaving, they get up say they're leaving and they do go.
It all started when her dumbass husband asked the uncle if he had washed his hands before he touched the baby... as if the uncle had filthy hands or something ridiculous like that.
Look, I get wanting to protect your kid, but our house is clean, and it's not people were running their hands through shit and wanting to touch the baby right after.
They were being totally out of line overprotective naive parents and they insulted the uncle and aunt by asking that.
So yeah..... hope that made sense lol.

Everything was a bit awkward after they left, but it settled down.
I'm sure we'll be hearing about this for a while though..... her husband really is an idiot. One of those know-it-all types that actually don't know anything and spew off totally wrong information. And he has to chime in about EVERYTHING too.

Anywho, blahblahblah...
The day started off great because my temp did rise to a post-O temp! WOOO! I think I did ovulate sooner... maybe it had only just happen so my temp didn't have time to rise to where it should? Not sure if that's even possible but it sounds good lol.
I started the progest cream this morning as well. Hope it helps if I did actually ovulate.
I know we def BD'd enough so if I did O, then it should've had to fight through a small river of sperm :P lol....ew....

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Patty said...

I have a 'friend' who also would demand people wash their hands before holding her child. She wouldn't even allow smokers to hold her children at all. Totally asinine. Our parents let us eat dirt and smoked while they fed us. lol