Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kinda just.... meh

I never have any idea what to title my posts :P lol
So I talked to DH last night. Asked him if he'd be ok trying again in Dec if the RE lets us. He said he was ok with it, but I think he only said it b/c he knows I'd want to try then. When I asked if he was sure, his response was "It's up to you." UGH! I hate it when he does that. I can't make a baby by myself here :\

No +opk still. I don't think it's going to happen. Disappointing but I'm ok with it. I mean there isn't much I can do about it so I'm not going to get too upset over it, ya know?

Eating has been good. I did have a mint and a tiny piece of a piece of cream cake last night. We had to go to a wake and they had sugary crap there for everyone. I REALLY wanted to devour the entire piece of cake, but I controled myself lol.
My body is still doing something funky though. I know I'm bloated. I could tell that yesterday when I went to buy some pants. I dunno what the hell my body is doing, or trying to do. I wish it would just start losing weight again.
I do need to start exercising. I've made excuses not to this week. BLEH! Bad me I know.

Oh and the pants... I could def wear a size 14, but bought a size 16 b/c of the fit on my thighs. I guess it was just the cut of the pants, but the size 14 legs were too small. I could still fit in to it, but it was WAY too tight for my taste and just looked... bleh lol. Don't need anyone seeing the shape of my jiggle here :P lol


Toni Rapp said...

Will the doctor put you on clomid or something to help ovulation, or will it take time for you to ovulate on your own?

Hang in there.

LisaL said...

Oh I wish clomid did something for me. That would save us SO much money.
But no, I have to do injections to ovulate... and A LOT of injections at that to get my ovaries to respond.
If we get to try again in Dec, I'll be doing follistim + microdose HCG shots and whatever else if anything depending on the results I get back from the tests that they did.

Marly said...


LisaB said...

I hope you guys try again soon!! My DH is the same's up to me. Well jeez, thanks for your input DH! LOL
I have a hard time finding pants that fit right. I usually go for the bigger size because something doesn't fit right in my thighs or something. Way to go! You're gonna be smaller than me here soon! haha