Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thunder thighs

I still have im but they're not as big as before! lol
I could see that my pants are getting looser but I actually noticed it today when I was exercising.
Stretching after I worked out and just noticed that my legs have to be pretty close together now for the thighs to touch. Oh they're still jiggly, but it's a start :D hehe

Exercise today was 15min on eliptical. Did very quick high intense sprints on it a few times. Not very long b/c good lord those hurt! lol
I also did more weight training stuff. A few squats after, some weight lifts etc and then I stretched afterwards.

Lunch today is leftover chicken from dinner last night.
I brined and baked a whole chicken last night. Have most of the dark meat left over for today. I usually don't like eating chicken leftover... weirds me out for some reason, but oh well, time to get over that.

OPK this morning is still a negative. I'm only cd12 so not too surprised. I just hope I do get the natural oppurtunity though. That would make waiting to try with meds again go by a lot quicker.

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Emily said...

Congrats on getting back on the wagon!! lol I started reading your first post on monday about the weight going up and up and I my heart sank for you bc you are in such a rough place and Id hate for you to be having more set backs. I was happy to read your last two post though. You motivated me to get in two work outs today instead of one. Gotta reach my goal so I can have my overall goal of having a baby :)