Monday, November 7, 2011

Sorry sorry

I went missing again! lol
There really isn't anything to post about really. Just kind of sitting in limbo here.
OH the spotting/bleeding finally stopped!!!
I think the heavier stuff was AF and once that was done, it just stopped. Probably b/c my hcg is finally at 0 now.
So yeah, there's that great news :D
I've been using OPKs for the past few days. Nada to report there.

I did go out on Friday w/ the inlaws. Felt like I could actually look at my neice without crying. She's so tiny and adorable. While I wasn't about to burst in to tears, it still made my heart ache looking at her. Just made me feel even more incomplete.

Uhm what else.... I go in this Thursday for a final beta. Hopefully get scheduled to come in some time next week for the other blood draw. Get those tests done already.

My eating and weight has been AWFUL. Weight is going up up up and my eating is terrible. We're still doing ok, but w/ holiday crap and DH wanting me to make stuff for work (and having to test recipes first)... our food choices haven't been the best.
So much for getting my kick ass bod by the end of the year b/c lord knows we're not going to be pregnant by then :\

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