Monday, November 28, 2011

Does everything have to be a reminder??

I swear, there can't be ANY show on tv without someone being pregnant!

Was watching America's Funniest Home Video last night, and of course they had a segment dedicated to pregnancy.
First video was the mom telling her 2 kids that they're going to get another sibling.
2nd video was of a couple going to the hospital b/c the woman is in labor, but they're stuck b/c a long train is going by.
3rd video was an ultrasound where it looked like the baby gave a thumbs up (that one was actually pretty cute).
I mean the videos didn't make me depressed or anything, but it would still be nice not to be reminded every damn time I turn around!
I'm watching Kyle XY on Netflix right now and I'm sure soon someone is going to get pregnant on that show too! UGH!

Anywho, enough of my bitching....
My temp did jump WAY up this morning to 98.51. I had to take it earlier. Woke up having to really need to use the bathroom. Not sure if that caused the temp to be a little higher or not.
It was warm in the house last night so that may have helped the temp be up there too.
We'll see how the next few days go.
Not sure when I'm going to start testing. Maybe tomorrow, or wait until Wed.
Pfft, who am I kidding... it's gonna be tomorrow :P


Anonymous said...

I know how much that sucks, I worked for a large retailer for many years and ended up being placed in the maternity section! On the plus side Kyle XY has no pregnancies that I can remember, on the down side the show was canceled without notice so the story dead ends on a cliff hanger.

LisaL said...

Oh booo. I remember that the show was cancelled, but that sucks that there's no real ending.