Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Was missing in action for the last few days.
Just didn't feel like posting to be honest.

Thank you everyone for the support on Friday. That was such a bad night and awful next day as well.
That night I told DH that he was being mean to me, then said something like no, not mean... insensitive.
He didn't say anything after that, but he knew about what b/c the next night he asked if I was going to SiL's dinner thing at her house. When I said no, he didn't make a big deal out of it like the night before. I think he at least understood a little better that I'm not over this yet and he needs to back off.

Anyway, it's all good for now.... that is until Friday rolls around again and I have to decide to go or not.

We had fun for Halloween. Didn't really do much. My brother and his family came over to trick.
Bro stayed here and gave out candy. DH, myself, SiL and my 2 neices walked around.
That was fun. Was NOT fun doing DH's makeup though. Nothing went right and it didn't turn out right and just UGH!
Next year will be better *NODNOD*

Here are our costumes...
We both forgot to take our glasses off :P heh Oh well.
I think mine would've been better if I had first made the mouth smaller and made my own skin whiter.
DH's would've looked a lot better if he had wanted to be red but noooooooo.
Oh well.

It was still fun, not as many people giving candy or out getting it this year, but it was cold and it was a Monday so not surprising.

I have to complain... now brother's wife is really sweet, and I do love her, but good lord her fuse with her children is so short.
It's Halloween... it's a kid holiday basically where they're supposed to get excited and anxious and want to eat all the candy. Her kids are no different and SiL was not having any of it. I mean she's just awful to them. I understand getting frustrated, but telling them that they're not going to go trick or treating (and not just a threat but actually meaning it), b/c they keep asking when they're going to go?? REALLY??
I just want to shake her.... if her kids are annoying, it's because YOU raised them that way. Stop taking out your frustrations on your kids and making them cry on a day they should be having fun!
And that wasn't even the worst part of it....

I dunno....
I mean I know I'm not going to be some perfect parent or anything close to it, but damn man.. aren't you supposed to have more patients when you have children? Or at least FAKE having more? Don't yell at your kids for acting like KIDS.

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LisaB said...

Wow, those masks are awesome!!!
I agree with you about parents needing to have more patience. I hate seeing that.