Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hmm, I dunno

My temp did rise this morning, but only to a 97.64. That's not a post-O temp for me. I mean it could be NOW, but going on what I've gotten before, it's about .2+ away from it.
So yeah, not sure what to think.
I guess it could be 3 things...

I just haven't ovulated yet. It could happen today so I'll get a rise tomorrow.

I did ovulate and my temp is slow rising.

Or, I surged with no ovulation.

These next few days will tell me more.
I wanted to start the progest tomorrow, but not sure if I should. I guess I still could if my temp does go up.
I don't want to wait too long to start it.

In other news. Still have some cleaning to do and have baking to do!
Going to make my first apple pie today :D The recipe is #1 on allrecipes so it better be good!
I'm also going to make the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake again. DH really wants it and I just can't say no to him..... ok that's a lie, I can, but I want to make it for him heh.
Going to use those golden oreos this time. It'll probably taste just the same.
I'm also going to be making a nobake peanut butter pie. I know FiL really likes peanut butter so I think he'll like it, just hope everyone else does as well.

Had a slight disaster yesterday. We bought a brining bag from Bed Bath. It's basically a giant ziplock bag.
Well, I put the turkey in, put in the brine, and first problem, the damn seal doesn't want to stay sealed!
I finally get it closed, try to put it in to the fridge and WHOOSH, out comes a gush of water! I thought the seal had opened again, but nope, the bag actually broke open! Grrrrr,piece of crap!
So I do NOT recommend buying their brine bags if you're brining a heavy bird.
I had to wait for DH to get home (thankfully he got home 10min later), to see if he was taking the car to his friend's house. Then I ran out to walmart and bought a pack of those HUGE ziplock bags and just put it all in to it. It's still holding so yay.


Toni Rapp said...

Hope you ovulated! Have a happy Thanksgiving. I gave you a reward on my blog.

Sara McLaughlin said...

Hopefully it'll be higher temp tomorrow! Get some good sleep!! All those recipes sound SO yummy!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

juliane2004 said...

I know you need more temps but I do think you ovulated. My first couple days of temps aren't usually SUPER high.