Monday, November 21, 2011

Ok final one

I know I keep going on and on about this, but THIS does not happen to me. 3 years and the only times I ovulated was when I did follistim.
So yeah, it's a huge deal to me that I could ovulate on my own :)

I think yesterday's tests were still negative. Oh well, either way, WOO!
Come on eggbert if you're in there!

As for cleaning..... I've only scratched the surface. SIGH! This is what I get for putting it off for so long and not cleaning on a regular basis lol.


juliane2004 said...

Awesome :)

Jess said...

YAY! I vote ovulation definitely! I hope you catch the egg on this au natural cycle!

LisaL said...

Thank you ladies :)
I ordered some BDing when DH got home hehe. So glad he gives in to me so easily when it comes to this. No fuss :P
I took a test not too long ago and I think it's already lightening up. Looks like it's either just barely a + or almost a + so WOO for catching the surge. Now to catch the egg! :D

Marly said...

So exciting for ovulating all on your own :D i got a smiley for the first time EVER this cycle and i hope it is ours :D

thanks again for your words on my blog today, that is what i needed to hear! its not a fun go but at least we are all together :D i think i will just stop viewing her to ease the pain lol :D D:D