Sunday, November 20, 2011


OOOO for ovulation that is! At least, I hope so!
I haven't taken an OPK in 2 days b/c I just got tired of seeing the negative tests lol. Funny how that works... all I wanted to see was a negative test when I was still miscarrying, and now, I want that sucker to be + again! heh
Here's the test from this afternoon. Decided to just take one since I haven't and.. yeah
It's not a positive, but it's close.
I'll def be keeping an eye on things and peeing on more sticks now.
I will gladly take a cd20something ovulation over nothing! I'm so looking forward to using the progesterone cream and just having a chance while we wait to try again!

In other news.... busy busy!
I have SO much cleaning to do and I'm going to be in the kitchen ALL day Wednesday fixing all of the desserts. It'll be worth it. I'm actually looking forward to that part.
Cleaning though... BLEH lol

OOOOO I'm going to start bringing down the Christmas decorations and setting those up! YAY! I've been waiting a year to look at all of my new yard decorations. I'm so excited :D


Toni Rapp said...

Yay for o test, hope it keeps changing for you. I am looking forward to christmas decorations this year. We found a really cute outside tree made of metal for outside at lowes!

LisaL said...

I love Christmas decorations. It's so fun to see what everyone puts up.
I love the weird ones. I'll post photos to show what I have once I get it set all up.
I saw a gecko at Lowes that I want :D heh