Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Six vials of blood taken this morning! YIKES!
She kept pulling them out and my eyes just sorta bugged outta my head lol.
I thought I was going to get woozy or something, but nope.
AND it's only going to take about a week to get results back! WOO! After googling info on it, I thought it was going to take a month or more from reading others experiences, but nope, both the nurse and the lab tech both told me a week or so. YAY!
I SO can not wait to get the results in. I don't want anything wrong, but like I've said, if there is, I just hope it's something treatable. Get me a baby already damnit!
I'll have to talk to DH about when he wants to try again since the results are going to be in sooner than expected.
I dunno, feeling anxious and excited now.

In other news, my body is still acting all weird. I had 2 apples yesterday which apparently was enough to cause me to gain a pound. I know I know, I shouldn't weigh myself every day b/c it can fluctuate so much, but it's so tempting when the scale is right there :P hehe
Oh well, as I keep up w/ the lower carbing, I'm sure the weight will come back off again.
Exercise will start again tomorrow. I am TIRED today for some reason. I slept pretty well, but woke up feeling exhausted.


Toni Rapp said...

The nurses at my clinic were joking with me that I have track marks. I told them thank goodness its winter and I can cover it up!

Im sorry guessed I missed what you were getting blood work for? Hope you get good results!.

ZomGal said...
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LisaL said...

Lol, I seem to have a permanent dark spot where they always take blood on my left arm :P

I'm getting the blood clotting tests done. All of those antisoandso stuff. It's the usual recurrent loss tests that are done.
My RE doesn't really believe in using blood thinners, but since this was my 4th early m/c, he figured we should at least look in to it

Crystal said...

You are better at that then me.....I would have been on the floor! I hate getting blood taken. Its not the pain, my body just automatically reacts to having a needle in it and I get all flush and fainty feeling.

Jen said...

Sooo not fun! When I had my IVF consult, they took 13 vials!! They were so nervous that I'd faint that they had apple juice and crackers waiting for me afterwards. The things we infertiles go through...

LisaB said...

Ahhh I hate getting that much blood taken! I've been there! Yucky. I hope you get some much needed answers! <3