Sunday, November 13, 2011

False Alarm

Boo, seems as though the darker test from yesterday was just a fluke. Oh well... sigh.
I probably won't ovulate on my own. Not with the weight gained and eating habits.
I'm going back to low carbing starting tomorrow and hope that helps. Bought extra eggs (actually they were free with a coupon :D ) just so I can boil them and snack whenever I get hungry.
My weight is staying steady at 194 right now. Well, somewhat steady, it has gone up and down.
I'd like to be 180 by Xmas. That would be so nice and a great present to myself :)
I'll have to be on top of my eating though and not give myself excuses to cheat like I have been.

1 comment:

unaffected said...

Ugh I hear ya on the excuses to eat bad!! I could make an excuse every hour for why I need to eat some kind of delicious pumpkin treat :/ Effing fall!

FX that you O after all!!