Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanks everyone!

You're all so sweet and supportive :)  I hope everyone that O'd has a great TWW w/ a surprise at the end :D
And I hope everyone waiting to O has a nice strong healthy eggbert!

We BD'd last night. Used my wedge, used some preseed, and kept my butt propped up after for around 10-15min. I had to really use the bathroom though so had to get up and take care of business.
No temp rise this morning so still time to get in more BDing.

OPKs this morning are still pretty dark, but have me wondering if I've gotten a + yet or if it's still just really close.
Here's a photo... I'll ask you ladies. If you got this test, would you think it was +? Be honest, it's not gonna hurt my feelings or anything if you don't think it's a + heh

In other news.... cleaning.... have so much to do. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH


Toni Rapp said...
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Toni Rapp said...

I would love to give you an opinion on the OP but I am not familar with those things :)

I have a friend that swears by that preseed! She was at the same RE office as me, with numerous failed cycles. They took a month off and she used preseed, and boom she is now 12 weeks pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Close but no my opinion. People with PCOS (including myself) have high LH anyway, so it must be as dark or darker....and that line still looks slightly lighter to me. Who knows...BD away to be sure! :)

LisaL said...

Thanks ladies :)
I'll usually have a line on my OPKs, but they're always obviously much much lighter and not +.
In my long 3 years of using opks, I've never had tests come out this dark before on my non-ov cycles.

If my body is still building up to surge, then FX it happens soon :)

Jess said...

I find that my positive tests dry a little bit lighter looking, so it is possible if it is dry that it is indeed a +. Otherwise I would say it is right around the corner!

I hope this cycle is it for both of us!