Monday, September 26, 2011


I haven't lost all hope yet, but it sure is discouraging.
My test this morning had something on it but I think it's just what I've gotten before with these. That non-BFP shadowy line.
I tweaked a photo of it. Really upped the contrast to try to get it to show.
It is SUPER tweaked though so not reliable at all IMO. So no one get excited by it!!

Symptoms are about the same.
Temp was the same this morning at 98.6.
Boobs are still sore.
Not sleeping well b/c my mind races.
No more of that possible uterine cramping/pulling.

Only thing that is different is that I think whatever was on my right ovary is now gone. I could sleep on that side last night without it aching or throbbing at all.
Makes me wonder if we should try at least one more time if nada this cycle.
I dunno... I'm so torn between doing what I think is right, and wanting a baby lol.

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