Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Update so far

I don't think this LO is going to make it. Actually probably already gone.
Tested at 4pm. Really good hold w/ nothing to drink for a couple of hours.
Test is even lighter than it was before.
Looking at all of the tests, there's an obvious backwards progression.
It's not looking good.
Top test is the 10dpo one, and the other 3 are today's tests. Morning, 1pm, 4pm.

I have to prepare myself for the worst. If it doesn't happen, GREAT! If it does though, I need to be ready for it as best as I can be.

Thinking maybe it's a problem with my corpus luteum cyst stopping the progesterone too soon or something? Maybe that was the aching I felt on my right O and then suddenly one day it stopped.
I dunno.. just throwing that out there.

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Sarra said...

Don't give up yet! I think it's totally normal for a test to get lighter as the day goes on. That's why they tell you to use FMU, because it has the highest concentration of hcg. I'm praying for you and hoping you get a great test tomorrow.