Friday, September 16, 2011

Maybe this morning?

I think I could be ovulating this morning. MAYBE late last night, not sure.
Even though I may only have 1 egg, I'm still remaining hopeful. Of course I'd be MORE hopeful if I had had more, but ya gotta work with what you're given.
I can't complain too much, one is better than nothing.

I started taking HPTs yesterday to test out the trigger. I've been using morning urine. It's not FMU though. I get up WAY too much during the night and in the morning so the pee is very diluted.
I think I'm just going to start using afternoon urine from now on. I seem to hold my liquids a bit better later in the day lol.
The tests are pretty light.... I think once I start testing w/ afternoon pp, they'll be a little darker.
Top test is yesterday, bottom is today which is 2dpt.

We've been getting in some really great BDing. I've had some EWCM. The HCG trigger shot def triggered the EWCM to kick in. I used some preseed last night though just in case. I think it's starting to dry up so wanted to be sure those swimmers had enough to swim in :P heh
We'll continue to BD for a couple of more days.

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