Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I need more information!!

I really feel like I'm spotting and maybe even lost the other pregnancies b/c of low progesterone.
Don't ask me why, but I never thought to look at what dose of progest sups I was on.
They're only 50mg doses.
I've read of some PCOSers on upwards of 100-200mg doses 2+ times a day!!!
Is this why I've m/c so many times?
It really feels like I'm on to something here.
I've decided to take the suppositories that I have 4x a day and I will be asking to increase my dose tomorrow if I'm still getting a line on my HPTs then.
That may not be the case though.
Afternoon test is a little lighter.
Could be b/c I didn't get in a good enough hold, but it's discouraging, especially since the wondfo just a couple hours ago had a line on it.
I'm not giving up yet. I just hope I acted soon enough to prevent another chemical from occuring IF progesterone is the problem.

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Sarra said...

Thinking of you. Have you called your doctor yet? Maybe they could advise you on the progesterone supplements and get you on PIO shots or something if your levels are low. I am praying this is it for you. It's still early, so hang in there!