Friday, September 23, 2011


7dpo, 9dpt.... 1 giant headaching coming.

HPT is still surprisingly showing a line. It's super faint... basically a shadow, but a poas veteran would see it.
So I was wrong once again. It's not a complete BFN today.
Guess I can start hoping that the line gets darker now though heh.
Here is today's test.

Symptoms... hmmm.... I started to feel really wet down there last night and it continues today as well.
That's usually something I get before AF arrives, so that has me a little worried.

Really nothing other than that. Boobs are still sore.
Don't have insomnia any longer. Actually slept really well last night and the night before.
My internal clock will usually wake me up about 10-20min before I have to to cook breakfast, but not today!
Totally not complaining about that. It's refreshing to actually get a good night's rest.

Oh also, today's temp was a bit lower at 97.98. The few times I have tmped this cycle haven't been very high though so *shrugs* I gues I can hope for it to be from implantation.

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LisaB said...

Ah! I've been missing so much since I've been busy at my new job. Wishing you tons of luck this cycle! Come on BFP! And a sticky one at that!