Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alrighty.... stupid body

So had my first ultrasound today and yeah.....
Slightly good news.
Ultrasound showed that I have about 3 potentials. Largest one is on the left ovary surprisingly and measuring around 14mm.
The other 1 or 2 were on the right measuring between 11-13mm.
there were a lot more smaller ones on the right, 10mm or below.
My lining also measured at over 12mm which she said looked good.

Now that possibly bad news.
On the left side, left of the ovary, there looked to be a GIANT cyst. She wasn't sure what it was exactly, but it did look like something huge was over there. That was pretty surprising considering that I haven't been feeling much.

Got a call back and I have to go back in tomorrow so the RE can check me out.
My E2 came back at 240, which IMO isn't all that great. Means I most likely will only have 1 maybe 2 by the time of trigger which I think will be Tuesday if we're allowed to continue. I do get to do my shot today so FX that the RE tells us that it's ok to keep going if it is a giant freak cyst in there.

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