Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stopping the torture

Test this morning was lighter and I'm starting to wipe away a good amount of fresh blood.
AF wants to come and I'm tired of delaying it.
Let whatever is in me just pass in peace and move on to a new cycle.
It's not an easy decision but I need to make it.
DH is up for trying again in Nov.
He pointed out to me that we're not going to have any money in January either so might as well try in Nov. I didn't even think of that.. duh. We'll probably have LESS in January.
RE wants to run some more blood tests, and I would like to see what my body is going to do on its own so waiting until Nov will be best.

Oct is going to be a difficult month though. SiL will have her baby and that is going to be so difficult. My heart sinks whenever I even think about it.

Anyway... Thank you everyone for the support.
I honestly don't know what I would do without the support of my online buddies.


juliane2004 said...

I'm sorry :(

Amy and Robert said...

Sending you a biiiggg virtual hug. ((((huuuggg))))

Tia said...

I'm so sorry. I hope you're able to get some answers from you doctor so that you'll be able to get a plan together for November. ((hugs))

Meike said...

I'm so sorry Lisa HUGS

Sarra said...

I am so incredibly sorry to hear this. :( Wish I could give you a big hug. I'm glad you are going to try again in November. Hopefully you will get a really good Christmas present this year with a sticky bean.

socialite_baby said...

I'm so incredibly sorry Lisa. :( I'm glad your DH is up for trying again in November though! I can definitely relate to the heart sinking when thinking of other's pregnancies/new babies. I wish it got easier. :/ Good luck! I'm thinking of you!

meggola said...

I'm so sorry Lisa. I hope your doctor can give you some answers so you can get your sticky bean. I know what it's like to watch babies be born and other milestones go by while you're still waiting for your own miracle. Sending you lots of internet hugs.

Jen said...

I hate this for you! I'm so sorry!! I want those freaking doctors to fix this! I really feel like you are on to something with the low progesterone thing. I haven't had mine checked, but I think I have a similar problem. Big HUG!

Lisa Marie said...

I'm so so so sorry honey! I know the heartache(SIL) you're talking about. Watching her get your greatest dream is torture. It killed me. Didn't help that the first 2 I actually thought I was & the last time was the one month (R&R) that we could actually try that year. It broke my heart everytime I was around her & even her boys. It hurts, I know. I'm so sorry. HUGE HUGE Hugs!