Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bitch of the Day

Haven't had one in a while so here goes.

I guess I'm just being extra pissy right now but oh well!

Does anyone else get a bit irked about women trying to have a specific gender when it comes to getting pregnant?
I guess it is just my infertile jealousy and bitchiness coming through, but it just upsets me and pisses me off quite frankly to see women trying to BD at certain times to try to get a girl or a boy.
If only we all could have that fucking luxury.

I guess I'm not even really mad at them wanting a specific gender... it's just the fact that their cycles are so precise and regular, they can actually time when to have sex in hopes of getting pregnant w/ either or. Ya know?

This TWW needs to hurry up already. Feels like I'm further along than I actually am!

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