Friday, September 30, 2011

Please don't let it be like the last one.

AF is here in full force. She arrived yesterday.

Decided to take a test today b/c I'm paranoid and there's still a line.

SO afraid it's going to be like the last chemical.
If you weren't here for that... this is what happened.

Basically the same thing happened as this time. Got a BFP, I was spotting, it turned to fresh blood. Beta came back low (just looked back at my FF chart and it also came back an 8!), was told to stop the progest.
AF came quickly and it was AF, no mistaking it.
CD 3, I tested just b/c and the test was still a positive.
I kept testing and the lines just kept getting darker and darker. I told my RE and my betas were going up as well. Not enough to be viable and was told that it was probably just left over tissue that hadn't been passed.
My beta actually got up to 60.
On I think cd10, I started to bleed again and I was getting some pretty bad sharp pains down there. It really freaked me out and I called DH at work to come home and went in to RE's office.
They did an ultrasound and everything looked normal thankfully. Just basically told to take it easy.
This was whatever tissue finally losing its hold. I don't remember passing any clots, just a little bit of blood for about 2 days.

It was AWFUL going through that and I really hope that doesn't happen this time as well. Whatever is in there.... just let it pass.
My temps are still high which has me worried that this is going to be the same. Sigh... I hope not.

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Sarra said...

Wish I could just wrap my arms around you a give you a big hug. I'm so sorry for your loss. I pray it passes easily and you can move on. Thinking of you.