Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not good

As you can see, the test is much much lighter than what it was before.
I think AF would be making a show today if I wasn't on progest.
I'm still going in for the blood work, but I'm not expecting good news at all.
I already called them up just in case I'm not able to talk to anyone when I'm there.
I'm asking if we can start again immediately (if I don't have any cysts).
To be put on a much higher dose of progest and to have that monitored.
We'll see if they're up for it. If not, well, looks like this could be our last medicated cycle this year.
DH did say we could try again in Nov, but then he realized how close to Xmas that is. It pains me to say this but I think if we're forced to take a break this time, then it's going to be until next year.

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juliane2004 said...

I'm sorry :( I hope it does work out. I saw on your chart you got a positive blood work result. That's good! What was it? (If you don't mind sharing.)