Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Wiped away some discoloration early this morning.
I woke up at 2am and couldn't get back to sleep.
Finally got up at about 3:30. Was using the bathroom about every hour b/c that's all I could think about.
After a few bathroom trips, wiped away blood. It was only just a slight tint on the tp, but it was there.
Checked up the vag and a tiny amount there.
Just checked again and yep... still blood up there.
Sigh... it's not looking good IMO.
No matter how many things I read that says spotting can be normal... this has always ended in a m/c for myself.

Decided that I was going to start taking 3 progest sups a day. Give me at least a little peace of mind.
Took a FRER this morning. I went back to sleep after fixing breakfast. Managed to sleep 2 more hours and then took the test.
It's about as dark as the one from yesterday.
Really hoping the one this afternoon is considerably darker. I know it's not wise to compare day to day, but I have to.

No temp today for reasons explained above. I just couldn't stay asleep long enough to get a reliable temp.

Just got back from buying more tests. I really wasn't going to but w/ the spotting, I'm going to be obsessing big time.
I said I would never do it, but I bought some anyway.
I bought 2 boxes of Answers and another box of FRER.
So yeah, that's plenty of tests.
No digi tests.... Didn't want to spend the money on them :\

Just took a wondfo and it's actually showing a line finally. It's still really faint but it's there.
Kinda comforting to finally have something show up on the tests.

Hmmm what else.... my boobs aren't as sore as before. That's not good.
It started last night, but I started getting really bad hot flashes. Still getting them today as well and dull headaches. Def some kind of hormonal thing going on. HOPEFULLY something good but yeah, we'll see.
Also my right ovary has been having some sharpish cramps and aches. Only started this morning.

I dunno what to think. I mean I'm obviously hoping for this to stick, but in my experience... this is not a good sign of things to come.

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juliane2004 said...

Sending sticky thoughts to you. :)