Monday, September 26, 2011

Thanks everyone!

About to head to bed.
Just wanted to say thank you SO much to everyone. You just don't know how much I appreciate and need support right now from whoever I can get it from lol. I don't have that in my RL right now.. well other than DH heh.

I'm getting a little more hopeful, but that fear is always going to be there though. These next few days are going to be so stressful.

I'm feeling VERY wet down there which has me so nervous. Think at any moment I'm going to go to the bathroom and wipe away blood.

Wish I had some other kind of symptom. That would be nice to at least feel like things are progressing, ya know? I know it's still super early though.
I'll be calling RE on Wed. Early wed, and will probably go pick up more tests afterward. Digi along with some regular frer.

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Angela said...

Pregnant! Praying so hard this little bean sticks!