Monday, September 19, 2011

Just waiting

I'm 3dpo today. Fairly certain it's 3, could be 4.
And I'm 5 days past trigger shot.

Can't say much is going on other than the trigger is treating me different this time.
No sore nipples, but my boobs are VERY sore to the touch. Nipples are larger, but the color remains the same.
I'm also not getting the vivid dreams I usually get which kinda sucks heh.

It's all good though... trigger shot can do whatever the hell it wants so long as I get a baby!

I do have a minor cold. It's not bad or anything. Just stuffy and have that kinda foggy brained feeling. This is the first time I've gotten a cold in YEARS. That's crazy. I can't remember the last time I have gotten a cold. Not bragging or anything, just amazed that I haven't gotten sick in so long, especially w/ DH working in a hospital and bringing home gawd knows what. HE has gotten colds and such, and I don't shy away from kissing him... *shrugs*
Oh well.

Birthday is tomorrow. I turn 32.... uuuuuuuugh. Not that that is particularly old or anything... it just sucks that it's another birthday not pregnant and w/ no baby.
Oh well, I'll drown my sorrows in cake. heh
I'll take a late birthday BFP though :D

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Sarra said...

Oooh, a cold could be a really good sign! I've heard that is often the first sign of pregnancy for a lot of women. KMFX for you!