Monday, September 26, 2011

Change that..... 10dpo and... BFP?!!

So like the addict I am, I kept taking more wondfos since this morning. Think I took 2 or 3 more with nothing more than an hours hold pp.
I finally pushed myself away from the computer and went and watched some Netflix to keep my mind off of things.
About 3hrs later... it's finally time to test again.

I use a wondfo at first and NADA..... although the photo kinda makrs it look like there could be something...
About 3mins after, decided WTH, I'm gonna take a FRER too.
I opened up the fresh new box of 3c FRER and ripped open one of the tests.
Dipped it in the same urine, and started to bawl my eyes out as soon as the dye started to go across the window.
I didn't stop either.
2-3min, and a faint line starts to show. I was afraid it was an awful indent at first, but I've seen those before and this was not an indent.
Took photos at the 6 and 10min marks. I also tweaked them just to show the line a little better.
3rd photo is after the time limit but untweaked. The line hasn't gotten any darker though so it's accurate to what it looked like in the time limit

I'm REALLY scared right now. I keep staring at the test, waiting for the line to fade away.
I'm so afraid this is going to end just like the others did.
My RE's nurse told me not to test until the 28th, but yeah, that wasn't going to happen.
I'm going to call tomorrow. Hopefully get in early so I can get the beta results the same day.
I know the number is probably going to be low, but I'm prepared for it... sorta.

Just feel like I want to puke.

Don't think I'm having any more symptoms. Well, my bacon I had for lunch was almost unbearably salty. I usually love salty food, but I almost couldn't eat this. Not sure if it was just the bacon or maybe my tastebuds.

Even though my right O isn't aching any longer, my right hip is starting to hurt some. BUT that could just be from me sitting so much at my desk working on the halloween stuff.

So yeah.... that's it for now. No more tests unless they're wondfos.
I have 2frer and 1 equate left and I need to save those for just once a day. We're tight on money this week so I can't go out and buy anymore right now.
Sigh....... Please little bean... stick


Amy and Robert said...

wow! I'm super hopeful for you! my fingers are crossed! I'd say get a digital and test in a few days again with that...good luck!!! I'll be!

Sarra said...

Wow! The test definitely looks like a positive. Your HCG will probably double by tomorrow morning, so with FMU and you will probably get a much darker line and can call them and schedule an early beta. Looks like congratulations might be in order!

Jamie said...

OMG OMG OMG...that is soooo positive!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! Test again!!!

Diana said...

That's a positive !

Lindsey said...

The FRER looks great! Congrats! Can't wait to see the next few days tests! I'll be praying hard for a sticky bean!

LisaL said...

Thanks everyone :)

juliane2004 said...

Oh my goodness! I totally see a nice pink line on that FRER. AWESOME! Can't wait till you take more :P

Jen said...

OMGGGGG!!!! I'm praying so hard for a sticky bean for you!!!! I'm seriously so happy for you!!!