Thursday, September 22, 2011

Someone just shoot me

So, whnever I'm in the TWW, I enjoy looking up symptoms by dpo. The site that comes up the most is Women submit their pregnancy symptoms blahblahblah.
It's really fascinating and I love reading them, but could they please for the love of everything NOT declare that they got pregnant after 2 or 3 or hell, even 5 LONG months of TTC!!!!
I know they don't mean it this way, but to someone like myself.. it just screams... "HAHAHAHA I'm fertile!!!!!! LOOK AT MEEEEEEE. My body is so AWESOME!!!"

Just list your damn symptoms and go brag to someone else!

EDIT: UGH it gets worse the further along you read.
Seriously, one of the entries, the woman says that she got pregnant the following cycle after going off BCP for her first 2. And her 2nd one took a whole TWO cycles to conceive. Oh STFU!!!
Seriously... almost all of them are fertile heffers who think that TTC for 5 months is LONG.
Good lord.... seriously, someone just come over here and bash my head into a wall.

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