Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hit a bad spot with my follistim shot today. Hurt like crud and bled a little.
Didn't get the full 200 out of the 900 vial. Boooooooo
Was hoping I'd get at least one more, but nope. Had to open up one of the 300u.
FX that my E2 tomorrow will be MUCH higher. My 2nd E2 from the last inject cycle was 452!
I'll probably be lucky to be over 100. I dunno what the hell is going on with my body but I wish it would just stop being a fussy bitch and get with the program!

I've been a bad blogger buddy. I haven't been to hardly any other blogs that I normally visit. I apologize to you lovely ladies out there!! I hope you're doing well and will visit and leave comments soon. Just being selfish right now and wrapped up in my own drama.

Hmm what else.
Oh OT...
I started to create the horns for our halloween costumes. First one I made, I didn't do the casting correctly so it got stuck and I had to toss it. Booo
Hopefully this one will actually work. I can't wait to start using the latex to see how that turns out.
Still debating what I'm going to be. Some kind of horned pixie thing? I dunno. Still have what... about 2 months to figure it out heh.
I'll post some photos later of what I'm doing.


Angela said...

looking forward to pics of the costumes you make. Hate it when shots don't go in right! I still have a spot on my bum from a tordol shot in the hospital and one in my belly from lovenox that hurt every once in a while. Not cool.

Lisa Marie said...

You can be wrapped up in your own drama sometimes. It happens to all of us. It feels weird to not really be blogging about TTC. It sucks being on ordered break. Best of luck with the E2!