Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rambling about this and that.

First off.... AF is GONE GONE GONE!!!
It's a frickin miracle! It wasn't as heavy AND it's gone 2 days earlier than usual? AWESOME!
I don't know why and I don't care (so long as it's not anything bad lol).... it sucks having a 7 day long AF!

We went over to inlaws land yesterday to eat. Thank goodness SiL didn't come. MiL was sick of her anyway and told everyone to be glad that she didn't show up lol. Love it.

Also got to see the baby bunnies while we were there! Dawwwwww SOOOOOO adorable! They're SO tiny. They seriously fit in to the palm of your hand and they're so soft! SQUEEEE

What else.... uh... go in tomorrow for first blood draw. Anxious to know what my estrogen is at. Haven't really felt anything going on in the ladybits so it has me worried. Hopefully my number comes back ok. Even if it doesn't, I know they'll just continue me on the 175 anyway.

My left ear has been clogged up for some reason. Started to get really noticeable yesterday and it's driving me crazy. Not sure what's wrong. Hope it's just wax buildup or something and not an infection. I already put some drying stuff in there and that didn't do anything. Will try peroxide tomorrow.

Now.. I'm no prude, but why on earth do mothers feel the need to post photos of their baby breastfeeding?? I'm sorry, but that is NOT something I want to see!! Oh it's natural, and blahblahblah, well good for you! Now put the titty away and just take a photo of the baby without your huge ass nipples in the photo as well! Geezus.....

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