Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Damn body!!!

I do not understand how I could be responding worse than before?? I don't get it!
I was fatter before, and now, well.. I'm not AS fat yet I'm responding worse.
My E2 today only came back at 70. BLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEH
I'd beat myself up if I could. Well, I could, but I won't :P lol

And here I was scared that I'd overstim or something. Poor stupid naive me I guess. SIGH.

RE upped my follistim dose to 200u now. O_O
I better respond to that shit and quickly! I probably have 2 shots left in the 900 vial (maybe less than that), and I have 3 300u vials. I do NOT want to have to order more!
Booooooooooo body, boooooooooooo.

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Sarra said...

I'm wishing you the best! I know it's got to be frustrating to not get the results you want, but there's still time to turn this around! A lot can change really quickly.