Friday, September 9, 2011

Meh.... a little better I guess.

E2 came back at 162 today. Not bad, but still not great.
I think it means that I'm only producing a couple of follicles. Anything is better than none, but I want more than 1.
I stay on the same dose and go back in Sunday for bloodwork and an ultrasound.
Actually looking forward to the ultrasound. After not knowing what the hell my body is doing during our extended break, it will be nice to actually get to see what my body is doing. Yes it's at the expense of my dignity having to spread im, but whatever! Not like they haven't seen it before.......... boy that sounded so wrong lol.


Sarra said...

I'm glad your level is higher! Hang in there!! THere's still a good chance this cycle could be the one. Hope you have a good weekend!

LisaB said...

GOOD LUCK!! I hope things improve. Keeping everything crossed for you and excited to follow you this cycle!