Thursday, September 22, 2011

New day, new bitch

So..... anyone else get tired of reading messages and seeing a (TMI) after it?
So first off.... shouldn't you be putting the TMI warning BEFORE you actually say whatever you think is TMI? Posting a TMI after the fact defeats the purpose.
DH and I are continuing to BD like crazy haha, TMI.
Really?? Does that make absolutely any sense to put it AFTER?

And really, in the TTC community, is anything TMI any longer? I could read about how much someone is peeing, bleeding, having sex, sticking their fingers up their hoohas to check CM or CP and not even think twice about it.

I dunno.... just feel like TMI is used a bit too often sometimes when it doesn't need to be.

1 comment:

SLESE1014 said...

I agree that in this community there really is no such thing....and TMI s a warning and should appear before said topic, but I'm guessing putting it after said topic is some sort of an apology ;)