Sunday, September 25, 2011

9dpo, 11dpt

So... yeah..... I'm in full on obsess mode right now. Feeling so anxious and scared and hopeful all combined in to one big crazy lump in my stomach.

Trigger shot finally wasn't showing on HPTs yesterday. Total BFNs, no shadow line at all.
BFN this morning as well.
I took a wondfo and a FRER. Figured WTH.

Last night when I got up to go to bed, I felt an achy pulling feeling in my uterus.
Felt it when I laid down along with lower back aching.
Still had it occur this morning as well. Nothing now though.
Was thinking maybe it was bowel, but usually if I'm feeling my bowel, I'll have to poop not too long after, and nada so far.
So yeah, pretty confident that it was my uterus.

Boobs are still sore, but not sure if they're as sore as they were which sucks. Obviously hoping for increased symptoms here!

Temp went up some this morning as well. That gave me a lot of hope when I saw it. Specially w/ the pulling sensation... really got my anxiety up there and I didn't sleep well for the rest of the night.

Just feeling so... I dunno.. crazy. I want this SO bad. I think if it doesn't happen this month then we're going to take another break until the beginning of next year. We'd probably have to wait until Nov anyway b/c I'm pretty sure it's a cyst causing the aches on my right O.
DH is leaving it up to me, and with our $$ right now and how much we owe on the credit card we use for the meds... I think waiting would be best. Oh I won't like it, but it would be the mature thing to do. Plus it would give me time to lose some more weight and hey, ya never know, maybe my body would work again.
So yeah... everything crossed that this is it. If not, then I gotta kick my ass and lose some more weight.

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juliane2004 said...

Your chart def looks good. I'm thinking about you!