Thursday, June 10, 2010

9DPO Test

So, here's today's test. I swear I see a line (not in the photo, but IRL), but since it's so faint, I'm not sure if it has color or not.

Going to take another test later with a much better urine sample. I keep waking up at night having to go pee. Maybe it was the HCG shot that first caused it, but now my body has gotten used to it.
I would ignore it, but my bladder or something is pressing against my uterus and causing extreme discomfort so I can't just go back to sleep. Really annoying!

So yeah... another test coming later. Even if a line does show, I can't get too excited about it b/c it could still be the trigger shot. Never know.
Now if a test tomorrow came back darker, then I'd start getting excited hehe

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